Domestic Childcare

Welcome and thank you for contacting Gwendolen House Childcare. We look forward to working closely with you to understand your childcare requirements and endeavour to provide you with the best childcare match.

We understand how daunting childcare selection can be and the time constraints experienced when combining a family life with other daily commitments. Where will you find the time to sieve through all the applications and conduct interviews in order to make your decision? How can you be sure that you have made the right choice?

Our recruitment consultants work on the basis that we would only propose a childcare appointment that we would be happy to take on ourselves. We believe that the success of the professional childcare relationship depends on ensuring that the expectations on each side are communicated effectively and are understood and we are here to support and guide you to help you achieve this.

In order that we may understand your childcare requirements, we ask you, please, to complete our Domestic Childcare Registration Form, giving us as much information as possible regarding your requirements. On reviewing this we will contact you to discuss any aspect that we may need you to expand upon and select no more than three candidates whom we believe to be the most suitable to meet your requirements.