Domestic Childcare

A) Selection of Candidates

  1. We request candidates to complete an application form and submit a CV, that gives the following information:
    1. Personal details (address, age, telephone number, nationality, availability);
    2. Experience and qualifications and employment history relevant to the post;
    3. Job preferences (e.g. age of children, hours, live in/out).
  2. We check the identity of a candidate by viewing a Passport and a least one other form of ID.
  3. We request and verify the reasons for gaps in employment history.
  4. We inspect relevant original certificate(s) of qualification. In the absence of original certificates, we will check the candidate's qualifications with the relevant awarding body or college.
  5. We interview all candidates in person before introducing them to the family. If there are exceptional circumstances and no personal interview has taken place, we inform the family.
  6. We check that candidates have at least two references confirming the candidate's competence and suitability for the position.
  7. We prepare a CV, which sets out all relevant information gained from candidate’s CV, their application form, and our interview. The CV that we prepare is in a standard format to facilitate an easy comparison between available candidates.
  8. We contact two referees directly. Open references or testimonials are not accepted without verification. If we have not spoken to the referee directly, we will inform the client.
  9. Procedures 1 to 8 are completed before a candidate's details are presented to our clients.

B) Understanding our client’s requirements

  1. We request our clients to complete a questionnaire that gives the following information:
    1. Personal details (e.g. address, ages of the children);
    2. Skills and qualifications required;
    3. Preferred personal skills of the candidate (e.g. swimmer, driver, fluent in Spanish);
  2. We then contact the client to clarify and expand on the information on the client’s questionnaire to make sure that we understand their childcare requirements so that we only put forward suitable candidates.

C) General

  1. Both the client and the candidate are made fully aware of our procedures;
  2. We only put forward candidates for positions for which they appear to be suited to the specific requirements of the client by their qualifications, experience and personality;
  3. We provide full and relevant information to both the prospective candidate and client about one another’s requirements before an interview;
  4. We respect the confidentiality of both the client and the candidates;
  5. We only advertise genuine vacancies, at the salary quoted by the family; and
  6. We provide our service free to candidates, whether the post is in the UK or overseas.

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