Domestic Childcare

Domestic Childcare

Communication is the main factor to find and keep a good childcarer. Interview and observe each potential childcarer with your child and:

  • Explore why this childcarer wants to care for your child
  • How does the childcarer feel about the work?
  • What does she consider are her best qualities for looking after children?
  • Is the childcarer warm, caring, attentive and responsive to your child?
  • Is she able to cook and ask what kind of food she will cook for the children?
  • Is she able to drive, does she have clean driving license?
  • Take sufficient time to get to know her. Try to make her comfortable so that she can express herself, get her to talk about her family, her previous jobs and the children she looked after.

Ask each potential childcarer to provide examples of:

  • What activities and pastimes they like to do with the children
  • How do they handle discipline
  • How would they plan to arrange naps, eating and toilet training
  • How would they handle an emergency, giving an example of any previous experiences

Ask a lot of “what if” questions of the childcarer, for example:

  • What if my child cries all day?
  • What if my child refuses to eat/ nap?
  • What if my child has an accident?

Check references and work history.

Trust your instincts! Hire someone you like. Hire someone your children like.

Once you have found a good childcarer, remember to:

  • Set up clear job responsibilities and good business practices.
  • Write down the children’s routine, favorite foods, dislikes and any allergies.
  • Communicate regularly and openly about how the childcare arrangement is working for you and your child.
  • Find out if she has First Aid training and show her where the First Aid box is kept.
  • Express praise and appreciation when it is deserved.
  • Introduce her to other childcarers in the area.
  • Make sure she has all the necessary contact details.
  • Always let her know if you are going to be late coming home.
  • Give her a tour of the house, explaining the locks, alarms and household appliances.
  • If there are going to be extra duties or extra hours, discuss with her if she will be paid extra or if she can have the time off in lieu.

Remember - good childcare is a partnership

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