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Domestic Childcare

Attending Interviews

1) Ahead of the Interview

  • Ahead of the interview, prepare the list of questions that you want to ask. Your priority is the children, try to find out as much as possible about them and donít be scared to ask questions. Donít forget that when you ask questions it shows what is important to you so itís best not to start with the salary first!
  • Take as much documentation relating to your qualifications, references and past experience with you as possible, in case the parents want to look at them.
  • Prepare some suggestions and ideas for different activities you will be doing with the children. If you have a portfolio of your work, take this with you to show.

2) Getting to the Interview

  • Always arrive on time.
  • If you are running late, it is courteous to telephone the family and inform them. Alternatively, you can let us know and we will do so.
  • Make sure you know the directions to the place of the interview.

3) At the Interview

  • Have your mobile phone turned off during the interview.
  • Be presentable and look your best for the interview.
  • Be confident and smile.
  • Start by asking about the children, the family and their daily routine.
  • Provide information about yourself and the children you have previously looked after.
  • Donít talk about any bad experiences you have had with any previous employers.
  • If the children are present at the interview make sure you spend some time interacting with them.
  • Make sure that both you and the parents are clear about your duties, salary, tax and National Insurance arrangements, other insurance and the hours you will be working and your time off.

Starting Work

  • Make sure you understand your duties. If in doubt itís always better to talk it through with the family.
  • Always work together with the parents about how to manage the childrenís behaviour.
  • Find out if the children have any allergies and donít give out any medication without the parentís permission.
  • Try and generally be helpful, even if it is not in your job description.
  • Donít make personal calls when you are working.
  • If you have any problems with the family you should try to resolve these with them. If you are unsuccessful then, talk to us.
  • Keep in touch with us; let us know how the job is going. We will be here to advise you if you have any problems.

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